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Order Smarter at Ethiopian Restaurants

Source: Yahoo food
by Rachel Tepper
Associate Food Editor

Every cuisine has its most famous dishes, every diner her go-to dish. But even your beloved pad Thai/cheese enchiladas/Alaska roll can get a little tired. Break out of that ordering rut with the help of smartypants experts who know all the menu’s secret tricks and gems.

Photo credit: Shea Evans/StockFood
Photo credit: Shea Evans/StockFood

Love the complex spices of Indian food but can’t stand the heat? Consider equally fragrant, less fiery Ethiopian cuisine.

We’re lucky that the United States is home to the largest Ethiopian population in the world outside of Ethiopia. Most American Ethiopians live in Washington, D.C., which perhaps explains why the heavily-spiced African cuisine is so beloved a fixture on that city’s food scene. But elsewhere, the cuisine isn’t yet quite as popular as, say, those of China and Mexico.

But there’s no need to worry about feeling lost at an Ethiopian restaurant. We asked Harry Kloman, author of ”Mesob Across America: Ethiopian Food in the U.S.A.,” to help us navigate how to order:

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