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The Putin problem: Russia holds all the cards, the West has to learn to live with it

Pointing out inefficacy of sanctions against Russia, noting that “Russian agents are not infiltrating African governments. Nor are new Che Guevaras being groomed for a Latin American revolution,”and Describing Viladmir Putin simply as a Russian nationalist rather than a Communist Ideologue, David T. Jones ,who is a retired State Department Senior Foreign Service Career Officer, asserts “we [The West]are far better off dealing with a Putin nuclear arsenal, which could still incinerate the West if unleashed, than with any of a variety of Islamic fanatics whose logic train legitimates suicide bombers as mailmen.”

The way the author described and discussed Putin or Russia in relation to Ukraine problem, among other things, is debatable, to say the least, specially in view of developments that led to the fall of president Viktor Yanukovich and its implication in the region.

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