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Notice on Ebola Outbreak in Some Parts of West Africa

The safety and well-being of its customers and staff always come first for Ethiopian. Though Ebola has not been declared an epidemic and no travel ban has been issued, Ethiopian has taken the lead in taking extraordinary precautions in connection with the outbreak of the disease in some parts of West Africa.

It should be known that Ebola is transmitted through the contact of body fluids of an ailing person. During the incubation phase (1-21 days) the person infected with the virus is well enough to travel and cannot transmit the disease. When the symptoms do come after the incubation phase, the infected person is too weak to travel and becomes bedridden.

Even though the chances of being infected on-board are close to nil, Ethiopian has already implemented the following extraordinary measures to ensure to the maximum extent the safety of its customers and staff:

  • Frontline staff of Ethiopian both on-ground at airports and on-board have and are being continuously given information on the disease, its mode of transmission and how keep safe;
  • More specifically, staff have been sensitized and trained so that they avoid coming into contact with bodily fluids while doing their work;
  • Stringent and specific surveillance is being carried out regarding all flights from West Africa at Addis Ababa airport.
  • Ethiopian is continuously monitoring updates from the World Health Organization and other international and national bodies on the disease, its spread and recommended safety measures.

Ethiopian will continue to closely monitor the situation and implement recommended measures with a view to ensure at all times the safety of its customers and staff.

Source : Ethiopian Air Lines



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