Ethiopian peacekeepers arrest officials accused of fomenting deadly violence, says Garoweonline

Garowe Online

GARBAHARAY, Somalia August 2, 2014 -Ethiopian-AMISOM forces have arrested six persons including Somali government officials for stirring deadly violence in Gedo regional capital of Garbaharay of southwestern Somalia on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

According to the commanders of Ethiopian peacekeepers, the persons held at AMISOM run prison facility involved in deadly battle between the Somali Federal government soldiers and Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamea militia.

Official order from Ethiopia force commanders led to the arrest of officials and other accomplices, sources stated.

On Friday, two fighters from the opposing sides were killed in battle in the outskirts of Garbaharay.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian troops clashed with Al Shabaab militants near Garbaharay after Al Shabaab gunmen tried to ambush convoy carrying the peacekeepers from the neighboring country.

Ethiopian troops intervened southern Somalia in Dec-2006 and withdrew by Jan, 2009 but returned to Gedo, Hiran, Bay, Galgaduud and Bakool border regions in early 2012 in support of Somali government’s stabilization operations.

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