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Andargachew reportedly transferred to Air Force ground in Debre Zeit

(borkena) High profile Ethiopian opposition figure, Andargachew Tsige, who was abducted by Yemen authorities and extradited to Ethiopia sometime in late June,2014 is reportedly transferred to Ethiopian Air Force ground in Debre Zeit, about 45 kilometers to the South East of the Capital Addis Ababa.. There was a rumor that before his transfer Andargachew was detained somewhere in Old Air port neighborhood in Addis Ababa ostensibly in the residence of one of the intelligence officers.

According to ESAT, Andargachew was subjected to severe physical torture during his first ten days in Ethiopia after extradition. Thereafter, torture method is changed to a form of injected medicine.

The report is not confirmed by any other Ethiopian news outlet. However, ESAT has a reputation in getting sensitive insider information. It is the media that broke the death of Meles Zenawi well over a month before it was made public.

ESAT’s report also indicate that intelligence personnel of the regime do not seem to acquire any valuable information from Andargachew Tsige.

The British Embassy in Addis Ababa did not issue any update regarding their citizen who is being tortured by the Ethiopian regime.



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