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War with Eritrea Looming?

(borkena) Reports by bloggers and news outlets like ESAT suggest that the ruling party in Ethiopia might soon embark on war project against Eritrea.

These unconfirmed reports indicate movement of heavy artillery and troop build up in the north.

Fresh conscription in Ethiopia also fostered speculation that the regime might indeed want war with Eritrea at this point in time.

The Ethiopian regime is believed to support Eritrean oppositions and thousands of Eritreans are given scholarship opportunities in Ethiopia.

Likewise Eritrean government is believed to help rebels who resorted to armed struggle after a repeated crackdown on peaceful struggle in Ethiopia.

Recently with the help of Yemen, Ethiopian government abducted high profile opposition figure , Andargachew Tsige, at Senna international airport on his way to Eritrea.

During the occasion of report presentation at the national palace after the abduction of Andargachew, the national intelligence unit is said to have bragged ” we have now the capacity to even capture Isayas [that is a reference to the Eritrean President]” a statement bluffed by many.

So far no comment is available from Eritrea regarding alleged war project by Ethiopian regime.



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