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New York University and World Bank involved in Master Plan for Adama

Source : Wikipedia

(borkena) Adama city Administration, formerly known as Nazret, is working on a Master plan for the city, indicates Amharic version of Ethiopian Reporter’s report.

Deputy mayor of Adama, Ahmed Yusuf is quoted as saying, by Reporter, “The city administration is working on a Master plan cognizant of city’s need to thrive.”

The plan reportedly covers residential, trade center and industrial zones.  The plan reportedly aspires to make Adama in par with “international cities.”

New York University is providing technical support for the Master plan while World Bank is funding the project, according to The Reporter.

The report added that the City of Denver is in the process of signing what it calls “sisters city” agreement.

Possible impacts of the Master plan on residents and farming communities surrounding the city is not mentioned, not unexpectedly.

Whether the plan will meet with resistance like the Addis Ababa Master plan  is something to be seen in the days and months to come.

Adama is the capital of regional state of Oromia in Ethiopia ‘s ethnic Federal Administration.



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