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MH17 tragedy – who did it?

Posted on BBC Source/Reuters
Posted on BBC

(borkena) Malaysia Airlines passengers Boeing-777 plane,flight number MH17, crashed in Donetsk, Grabovo village,Eastern Ukraine earlier today. The plane was flying from Amesterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 295 people were reportedly on board including 15 crew members. No one on board of the plane survived the tragic accident.

The cause is not yet established. And there are different narratives. Human Rights Observers which already ruled out that pro-Russian rebels shot the plane down.

On the other hand, there are reports that indicate both Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian rebels denied involvement. However, the analysis and tone of presentations is different. Report by BBC emphasized the crisis in Ukraine. RT emphasized perspective of pro-Russian Rebel authorities in Donetsk.

Since there are no indications that the plane did not send any distress sign, chances are less for technical problems to be the cause of the this tragic accident.

It is very concerning that there is already apparent interest to exploit the incident to re-frame discourse on the conflict in Ukraine.  UN  security council is already called to a meeting.

The question,if it is a foul play by a party outside Malaysian Airlines, is : who did it? Hard to answer until thorough investigation from independent and impartial body.

Irrespective of who did it, it remains tragedy in a different way too. Civilians and innocent people should never be targeted in such a way for a political motive. Bad precedent indeed.

In 2010, Ethiopian Airlines passengers plane crashed into Mediterranean Sean not long after it took off from  Beirut. No clear explanation is given yet.





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