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Gunmen hijack bus in Kenya ‘s coastal area of Lamu

MOMBASA, Kenya, July 18 (Xinhua) — Unknown gunmen on Friday evening hijacked a passenger bus in Kenya’s coastal area of Lamu, injuring passengers and two police officers, government officials said.

County Commissioner Miiri Njenga said the bus which was headed to Lamu from Mombasa was hijacked by gunmen who also seized a private car and a police vehicle in the latest gun incident between Witu and Mpeketoni in Lamu.

“We have received the latest reports from Witu where a passenger bus was hijacked but we don’t have exact information of how many passengers on board,” Njenga told Xinhua by telephone.

Police officers had tried to respond to the scene only to be sprayed with the bullets, said one of the witnesses in Witu, who declined to be named.

“Police officers were responding to the scene when they were attacked by the gunmen,” said a police officer who also sought anonymity.

The police officer said the gunmen first attacked the bus and a private car before they turned on the police car, sparking gunshots in the area.

The area has been scene of previous attacks by the militia.

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