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Thousands of Oromo Students allegedly sent to “concentration camps”

 Source: Ethiopian Review

Source: Ethiopian Review

(borkena) Unconfirmed news by Ethiopian Review claims that up to 3000 Oromo Students are sent to what it described as “concentration camps” in Afar Region, arid region in the Eastern part of Ethiopia, after they were detained in a round up.

The news source also published a picture of shaved young Ethiopians crowded in queue.

On the contrary, other sources in government administrative structure do have a totally different narrative. Addis Ababa City website reports that over 3500 homeless youth in Addis Ababa are mobilized for skills training to be moved to  Addis Raey training center in Afar region.

According to Addis Ababa City report, it seems that the skills training is a cooperative project between Addis Ababa City Administration Labor and Social Affairs Bureau, EFDR Metals and Engineering corporation and Elshaday charity organization. The report makes no mention of the ethnicity of the street children.




  1. This story is an eye opening to say the least.
    This story among others out this nation needs
    to looked into carefully under microscope.
    If! & only then we can sum it up as ” Fascism”
    died in Europe is reborn in Ethiopia with full supports
    the west. Look Fascisms that destroyed Europe
    look all definitions, our country has faced fascism
    Practices by those who sit on top make Laws, to
    subdue, brain wash, rob them economically,
    at last march them out of Oromia into gas chambers
    in this arid dessert of Afar that can bake bread
    under the environmental heat!
    I pray this may not but if, true we are out to
    face home grown fascism with the world!!


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