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Clueless Hailemariam and the British hand in Ethiopia

He just happened to be a servant in an ethnocentric political system which reminiscent of British Colonial Administration – even that of apartheid South Africa except that in the case of Ethiopia British involvement appear to be in disguise and only in the form of technical advisory and mentorship in how to divide and rule which the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front’s (TPLF) elites enjoyed since, at least, it was about to take state power more than 23 years ago by forging alliance with ethnic based rebel groups.

TPLF had even business in the UK and US at a time when it was operating as conventional guerrilla force – a fact confirmed by one of the founders of TPLF, Sebhat Nega, during his interview with VOA Amharic Service some years ago.

In fact, it is now more like public knowledge that the British are confidant to the regime in power in Ethiopia. And there seem to be some degree of awareness that UK is conspiring with and for the regime in power.

Soon after UK government delegates found out that their citizen of Ethiopian decent, Andargachew Tsige (who was abducted by Yemen and forcefully extradited to Ethiopia same day in violations of all international norms), is in the hands of the regime in Ethiopia ,some time in early July, and at a time when the public was expecting that the UK government would exercise their lobby power to protect the legal rights of their extradited citizen, there was news in the state controlled ERTA that UK vowed to renew £300 million in annual financial support to “Ethiopia.” Andargachew is still living torture -physical and mental.

In total contempt to the repressed peaceful struggle in Ethiopia, British Embassy in Addis Ababa called Ethiopian Opposition parties for a meeting to discuss the situation in the country (this you can find it on Sendek Amharic Newspapwer). And this was during the week the British disclosed that they learned about the abduction and extradition of Andargachew Tsige, if they did not learn well before that, in fact. Same week, members of Ethiopian opposition were arrested in what looked like fresh crackdown on the opposition in the name of alleged terror plot related to the abducted British national. Who the British Embassy is kidding, only the British Embassy know.

Erstwhile, Ethiopian opposition appear lured by this idea of diplomatic campaign “ to expose the level of repression in Ethiopia.” The thing is the British diplomats are not ignorant about what apartheid regime looks like. And they are not oblivious to existence of an apartheid like system in current Ethiopia.

My suspicion is that perhaps they even helped shape it. And they are probably thinking in terms of using it sometime in the future to safeguard their interest in Ethiopia and the region. And, of course, what matters to UK is not development or democracy in Ethiopia but its interest- long and short term interest. In what appears to be an excuse for their alliance with the regime in Ethiopia, they seem to radiate the idea that the opposition is weak. But the excuse that Ethiopian opposition is weak is lame, rather. What was the role of the British and the Americans when the opposition was solid back in 2005? Didn’t even they conspire to with regime to weaken the opposition Kinijit?

on a different note, What I don’t understand is why there is no friction, it is not apparent, between British (and western) interest and Chinese interest in Ethiopia. Or is it just to early for the friction to happen?

UK (and other western powers too) is spending money in Ethiopia and apparently providing other forms of subtle support to the regime. The fight against terror cannot explain that. China is not spending money. It is rather making money in Ethiopia, including from what western powers spend in Ethiopia,from infrastructure development while providing technological support for repression ( I think that is paid too) to the regime in Ethiopia. And Woyane wants to project its treason as recognition for development and economic growth. Surely, it sounds naive to tell it like it is but the story is rather points to neglected reality: uncolonized Ethiopia is deeply neocolonized and Woyanne, a wealth political entity with firm grasp of power, is a reliable partner in that project.



  1. It is a joke to interview those criminals who does act based on haterade, they knew prior they act therefore it does not matter how cruel act they are committed it is normal for them.


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