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Ethiopia: “We cannot shoulder state terrorism” says Semayawi Party

by Dimetros Birku

Addis Ababa – In what appears to be an exceptionally bold press release earlier today, Semayawi Party – one of the registered peaceful opposition parties in Ethiopia – told the TPLF/EPRDF regime that Semayawi party does not have intent to shoulder what it calls state terrorism. And it announced its resolve to deepen its peaceful but an even more determined struggle across Ethiopia.

The party also called on other opposition parties and international human rights organizations to lend their support to the struggle against tyranny in Ethiopia.

The press release looks very stern in recounting TPLF’s tyrannical political measures and its record of violating the very constitution it authored.

For Semayawi party, and it sounds acceptable to many millions of Ethiopians, TPLF/EPRF’s chauvinism and lust to maintain a hold on power, at any cost, is not only causing social and economic crisis but also taking the country along the path of political instability.

Repression pattern,Semayawi party elaborated, took a form of legal appearance in recent years when the regime enacted “anti-terrorism” legislation which violate the constitution of the country and international conventions on human rights.

The legislation is primarily intended to repress peaceful opposition movement in Ethiopia in the name of fighting “terrorism.” And it’s also employed to incriminate journalists and bloggers who dared to exercise their constitutional rights freedom of expression and other Ethiopians who stood in guard of their constitutional rights for freedom of religion.

Mysterious “Anti-Terrorism Task force” lurking in the shadow of the legislation is rather unleashing “state terrorism” which Semayawi party says is unacceptable.

As well, Semayawi party called for the release of four executive members of opposition parties who are arbitrarily detained this week: Abraha Desta (Executive member of Arena Tigray Party), Daniel Shibeshi (Deputy Internal affairs of UDJ), Habtamu Ayalew (PR of UDJ) and Yeshiwas Assefa (vice chairperson of Semayawi party.)

Semayawi party was even more bold enough to condemn Yemen for abduction and illegal extradition of Angargachew Tsige. Pointing out that the family and the public is not informed about the condition of Andargachew Tsige under detention, Semayawi party expressed its grave concern about the human dignity and well being of Andargahcew Tsige in the hands of TPLF and EPRDF party.

Finally, Semayawi party called on government to stop fear mongering and terrorizing Ethiopians under the cover of government and advised the ruling party to embark on a move that is beneficial for itself as a party and for the country as well.



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