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Ethiopia : member of Semayawi Party National Council detained

Credit : Dawit Solomon
Credit : Dawit Solomon

(borkena) Yeshiwas Assefa, member of Semayawi Party National Council, is reportedly pulled from his home by what Dawit Solomon , a citizen journalist, described as “numerous” federal police and taken to Maekelawi supposedly an investigation unit but famous as a torture chamber.

Also, according to the report, Yehsiwas’ home was searched ,apparently without court search warrant, by the federal police and his wife was not allowed to stay in the house while the search was underway. Unspecified articles are said to have taken by the Federal police.

In a related development, Habtamu Ayalew,a member of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) is detained same day in Bole area and his whereabouts is not yet known.

The news is not confirmed by other news sources.

However, it has become somewhat common for government in Ethiopia to arbitrarily detain civilians, journalists and bloggers on a regular basis and charge them with sham “terrorism” charges.

Seemingly, underlying factor is increasing sense of insecurity. Yet, no specific clue as to why government is turning every single stone and creating an atmosphere of tension at this particular time.



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