Yemen detained Ethiopian Opposition Ginbot 7 Secretary Andargachew Tsige

Andargachew Tsege
Andargachew Tsige

(borkena) Yemen detained Andargachew Tsige, Ginbot 7 Secretary, ESAT reported in a breaking news coverage.

Citing official statement issued by Ginbot 7, ESAT indicated that Andargachew was detained by Yemen Security on June 23,2014. Effort by Ginbot 7 to secure the release of Andargachew Tsige was not a success.

Also, the report indicated that Ato Andargachew was on transit to a third country,unnamed, via Yemen.

Ginbot 7 asserted that there is no legal basis for Yemen authorities to detain Andargachew and has requested Yemen not to handover Andargachew Tsige to Ethiopian government.

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Democracy and Freedom was formed in 2005 , following the release of opposition party leaders from many months of imprisonment after government crackdown on registered opposition parties in Ethiopia.

The ruling party in Ethiopia legislated law to outlaw the movement and the movement is considered as a “terrorist” organization. if Yemen hands over Andargachew to Ethiopian government, there is no question that Andargachew’s life would be in danger.

There are indications that Ethiopian government spends millions of dollars in security operations overseas. And it is possible that it might have corrupted Yemen security forces for this particular arrest.

A few months ago Ethiopian government apparently employed some members of Kenyan security forces to kidnap two members of delegation of ONLF who were in Nairobi to negotiate with Ethiopian government delegates with the invitation of Kenyan government.

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