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Ethiopia: Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ethiopia project to “know the Diaspora”

(borkena)Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ethiopia in collaboration with IMO is undertaking training with the motto of “knowing the Diaspora”starting June 30,2014, Amharic version of government owned Ethiopian News Agency reported.

More than 20 Ethiopian Diplomats and Ambassadors are reportedly taking part part in the training. Participants of the training are mostly from countries with great number of Ethiopian immigrants and they are expected mobilize the diaspora upon returning to their respective diplomatic posts, the report added.

The stated purpose of the training is, according to the report, to develop a system with full information about members of the diaspora, to help members of diaspora protect their rights wherever they reside and to involve more members of the Diaspora in the “development of” Ethiopia.

IOM is apparently collaborating on the project. Josiah Ogina, country director of International Migration Organization, is said to have pledged to work with government of Ethiopia to change brain-drain trend.

It is not indicated in the report as to when the training is ending.

Government of Ethiopia knows very well that the greater portion of Ethiopian diaspora is outraged by Ethiopian government for regular gross human rights violations in different parts of Ethiopia and for the unprecedented level of corruption in the history of Ethiopia. Most diaspora Ethiopians do not have trust on Ethiopian government to return and invest in Ethiopia.

It is not uncommon to hear discontentment from those members of diaspora who dared to return to Ethiopia.

by Dimetros Birku



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