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Sisi considers Sudan as part of Egypt


Source : Middle East Eye
Source : Middle East Eye


(borkena) Abdel Fatal-al- Sisi allegedly commented that Egypt considers Sudan as its part.  Middle East Eye reported the news citing Lebanese Television channel. Here is how it reported the matter:

“We consider Sudan part of Egypt, and there are developments in the region that demand co-ordination to achieve shared benefits”

The news is said to have, expectedly, caused outrage among Sudanese authorities.

Meanwhile Sisi made a stopover on Sudan and met president al-Bashir on his way back from Equatorial Guinea after attending Africa Union Summit.

According to the report by Middle East Eye, there was a protest in the Sudanese capital Khartoum against Sisi brief visit.

Terrorism and Renaissance Dam are believed to be, according to analysts cited by MEE, topics of discussion.

It seemed Sudan comforted Egypt when it responded “look into the issue again” to Egypt’s diplomatic crusade against construction of Hydro Electric Dam on Nile by Ethiopian government.

If Sisi’s comment about Sudan being a part of Egypt is proved to true, it will be at least questionable if Sudan can afford a friendly relation without protesting what appears to be a statement that challenges the sovereignty of Sudan, not to mention the need to question if Sisi, who is now clearly enjoying popular support in Egypt, has any ambitions of expansion to restore colonial time Egyptian dominance over Sudan.

Historically, Egypt and Sudan were conjoined under Anglo-Egyptian condominium by British colonialists which ended up when Sudan attained its independence and consequently sovereignty in the 1950’s.

By Dimetros Birku





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