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Norway Pledges US$60 Million For Ethiopia’s Green Growth

Addis Ababa
June 26,2014

(Bernama) Norway has pledged US$60 million to support Ethiopia’s green growth strategy and forest protection activities.

Its Minister for Climate and Environment, Tine Sundtoft, says the assistance is being extended to support the determined efforts of Ethiopia to control climate change and carry out green economic development.

The minister, who is on a visit to Ethiopia, said here Tuesday that of the sum, US$5.0 million would be disbursed to environmental conservation activities carried out successfully in 2013, while an equal amount would be used for a similar purpose in 2014.

The remaining US$50 million would be used for the implementation of the Oromia Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation plus Pilot project, which seeks to help reduce deforestation and carbon emission and protect forests, she said.

Ethiopia’s Environment and Forestry Minister, Belete Tafere, said the funding would help Ethiopia to curb deforestation and carbon emission by undertaking activities involving the public.

“The donation also helps to ensure food security and curb carbon emission by rehabilitating barren lands,” he said.

The minister said Norway and Ethiopia would also work jointly to establish continental initiatives. The two countries have signed a three-phased partnership agreement to curb carbon emissions caused by desertification and deforestation.

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