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Ethiopia : Water to Djibouti ; part of strategic move for Economic Integration

(borkena) Addis Ababa often experiences dire shortage of drinking water. Yet, news that Djibouti is guaranteed drinking water supply from Ethiopia was a talking point sometime last month.

The reason behind what seemed like Djibouti first water supply is planned economic integration between Djibouti and Ethiopia, according to report published yesterday by Amharic edition of Reporter.

Dina Mufti, spokesperson of Foreign Affairs, told local journalists that Djibouti-Ethiopia Joint Committee held its 12th regular meeting and discussed ways to hasten integration and development plan.

Asked what is the decision, for Ethiopia, to give Djibouti free water supply, Dina Mufti replied ” The decision is part of agreed strategic integration process”

The Integration Plan seem to emphasize infrastructure development and economic integration eventually leading to political integration.

There seem to be an understanding on the part of leadership in Djibouti, based on Reporter’s account, that Djibouti would benefit from economic and political integration.

Other countries in the region, like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, are working on ways to deepen economic integration, and have already resolved to have a common currency and a single passport.

It is not clear at this point if the initiative between Ethiopia and Djibouti is a purely Ethiopia- Djibouti enterprise or if there is a brokerage behind the scene.

Some statistics indicate that Djibouti earns about $1 billion dollar in revenue from port service to Ethiopia after Ethiopia became landlocked mainly due to political decision of the governing Tigray Peoples Liberation Front party under the leadership of the late Meles Zenawi.




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