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Iran nearly tied Argentina

(borkena) By the standards of many of the games of FIFA World Cup 2014, the game between Argentina and Iran was not that entertaining.  Perhaps it is because much was expected from Argentina.

Although Argentina had dominance over  Iran in terms of ball possession by about 69 percent to 31 percent, it took more than regular full time 90 minutes for  Argentina to score  just one goal. The secret was solid defense line from team Iran.

There was a funny moment when an Iranian player was dispossessed by the referee. The player’s reaction was screaming at the referee.

In fact, team Iran did even created few goal scoring opportunities within the penalty box and in close range with Argentinean goal keeper.  The had on target strikes as well but they were not unable to change them into goals.

Had it not been for Lionel Messi’s only goal in the first minute of the extra four minutes of added time, Iran would have tied Argentina.

Messi’s goal is against Iran is undoubtedly an epitome of precision in soccer playing skills.  From the right side off the penalty box , Messi ‘s unstoppable and measured ball was meshed into the net. Absolutely, beautiful goal.

Iran’s resistance to Argentina was stunning.




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