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Judge Shemsu Sirgaga ruled for an Ethiopian Diaspora

(borkena) In what appears to be a dispute over business deal, Judge Shemsu Sirgaga ruled Orchid Business Group Plc, an Ethiopian firm, to pay 42 million Br., that is well over $2 million, to Yonas Kassahun, Ethiopian Diaspora who is apparently residing in Germany, according to report by Addis Fortune.

As to the report, Orchid was given contract by the government of South Sudan to organize the event to celebrate the first anniversary of South Sudan Independence. And Yonas Kassahun claimed to have a business deal with Orchid relating to the South Sudan independence anniversary celebration. He is said to have, according to Fortune, supplied generator for electricity, air condition works ,kitchen stuff and catering among other things. And he was to get 42 million birr which he claim is not honored by the contracting party – Orchid.

Yonas disputed the issue in a court and the court ruled in his favour.

Ethiopian court is proved to be useless when it comes to defending civil and political rights of Ethiopians citizens. Rather it is increasingly becoming a repressive tool for the government. It is in that light that Judge Shemsu Sirgaga’s ruling could be doubtful.



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