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Flowering Narrative of Rwanda ‘s economic performance; how about the politics of it?

(borkena) In what looks like flowering account Rwanda’s economic performance, Kurt Davis asserts that Rwanda and Kagame are economic model Africa. An average 8 % of growth without relying, for the lack of it, on high value mineral resources is commendable.Transformation of agriculture without leaving the farmers behind, according to Kurt Davis, is certainly a story of achievement. Women empowerment, Davis noted that “…Rwanda has the highest percentage of women appointed to government in the world. Approximately two-thirds of the Rwanda parliament are women, compared to barely 18 percent in the United States…” is quite an achievement too.

As a private equity investor, Davis’ analysis regarding economic performance of Rwanda might not be all wrong. Even Kagame’s government emphasis on the Unity of Rwanda is commendable.

However, all these can not be an excuse for repression. Sustainability of economic growth is unthinkable, so to speak, with out stability and peace. And ensuring peace and avoiding devastating conflict in the future might need, among other things, leaving spacious room for peaceful political dissent and a room for civic activism. Paul Kagame is often criticized for that.

The writer does seem to under-emphasize, if at all, “The Kagame Effect” as it relates to opposition politics and that is not a service to all Rwandans. For that matter, it is not a service for Kagame himself; it just might feed into more complacency.

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