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The Netherlands shocked Spain with 5-1

(borkena) In the third game of FIFA world cup 2014, The Netherlands shocked Spain, reigning champions of World Cup 2010. Many might have expected a win for The Netherlands but hard to imagine if any one expected a score line of 5-1, crushing defeat for Spain.

The Netherlands and Spain met in 2010 wold cup final game in South Africa. Spain defeated The Netherlands 1-0 to claim 2010 world cup championship title.

Spain had a 1-0 lead in today’s in the first half of the match before Van Persie put an incredible header in the net. Second half of the match was completely a different story ; it was dominated by The Netherlands and with four more goals infact.

Van Persie’s stunning dive header must have been more than an equalizing goal.

Arjen Robben scored two goals and Van Persie added one more goal after he dispossessed Casilas, Spain’s goal keeper, in the penalty box.

Stefan de Vrij scored another goal. The score line 5-1. It sounds like as if The Netherlands used every single opportunity but Robben as misused an excellent pass which could have been a sixth goal.

The game was so entertaining. Watch video below



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