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Ethiopia: violence in Harar after mass grave discovered

(borkena) South Eastern Ethiopian town of Harar experienced violence following discovery of what is described as mass grave, according to report by ESAT.

The mass grave is allegedly discovered accidentally when an excavator was preparing ground in Hameressa/Medgegna Jerba locality in Harar on June 10, 2014.

Based on ESAT report, what appears to be mysterious is that two of the corps uncovered bear no sign of decomposition at all.

Hands of one of the corps were tied back and the other corps was blind folded.

Additional four remains, which believed to be older, are also uncovered in the same grave.

Identity of the victims is not yet known. ESAT claims that it reported earlier about disappearance of two young prisoners from Harar town police station.

People from near by Awodai, a locality known for production of khat, traveled to the scene to protest following the news of uncovered corps and reportedly clashed with police.

The regime in Ethiopia is known for gruesome human rights violation

To Read full ESAT report in Amharic click here



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