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Darfur United

Many of us might associate the name Darfur with one of the worst violence Africa has ever seen. Apart from deaths, the situation back in 2003 produced thousands and thousands of refugees.

As most of refugee camps in Africa (I don’t know why it is so!), refugee camp in Darfur is not devoid of adversity. Yet, the adversity didn’t shatter the inspirations of young African refugees. Darfur United football club is one testimony for that.

It’s really elating to see young people in an environment as hostile as Darfur not giving up and pursuing their passion and talent. I am happy because I know what it is like to be a refugee and to be a refugee in adverse environment. With guidance and support, Darfur united could even do much better than this.

Coach Mark Hodson is behind the team now. Hopefully he would take it far and I hope that these young talents would, one day, get the recognition and reward they deserve.

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