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Sisi took presidential power in Egypt

(Borkena) Former Egyptian military general Abdel Fatah Al- Sisi is inaugurated as president of Egypt in a colorful ceremony.

Sisi won presidential contest last week with absolute majority vote. There seem to be much optimism in Egypt and Sisi is entrusted to bring about stability and economic recovery.

With regard to democracy, Sisi hinted, according to report published on Aljazeera, that it will take about twenty five years to bring “real democracy.” The question as to whether the statement is meant to say no democracy at all in the short term could only be answered in the months and years to come.

Sisi deposed elected president Mohammed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood in a military coup over a year ago which he claim is a popular protest.

After the coup Sisi led a major crack down and repressive movement against Muslim Brotherhood. Apart from deaths of hundreds and thousands of protestors, about 500 members of Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to death in what appears to be unprecedented court ruling.

Swearing in ceremony was attended by many leaders from Africa and Middle East.



  1. Despite statements such as
    “We don’t believe that foreign assistance alone can provide the kind of economic stability and
    the economic opportunities that really will help move Egypt’s economy forward”
    almost the first thing the new President of Egypt does is
    “calls for more Chinese investment, aids”,
    This is a good sign, for peace in the region,
    because although Saudi Arabia has called for an
    “international conference in aid of Egypt’s economy” and
    the United States has eased up on the free flow of funds,
    President Al Sisi realizes that the real substantial investment collateral lies with China.
    This is a good thing for peace in the region because,
    Egypt has been making bellicose noises and
    threatening Ethiopia with war
    because they are constructing a dam for use with Nile river water.
    Egypt believes that colonial era agreements continue to give it more rights than the downstream countries to the Nile river’s water.
    The incoming President has said that he will
    try negotiation regarding the dam,
    Now that he realizes that he needs China’s assistance,
    it can also be hoped that he realizes,
    China is not prepared to see the time, effort and
    billions of dollars it has invested
    in the down stream Nile countries
    wasted because of pointless wars


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