Debremarkos denounced killings of Oromo students and called for greater freedom

Picture Credit : Nebiyu Hailue

(borkena) In a peaceful demonstration organized by Unity for Democracy and Justice party (UDJ), residents to Debremarkos in North Western Ethiopia, what is now described as “Amhara region,” took to the streets to demand freedom from repression.

Holding slogan placards up, demonstrators boldly denounced killings of Oromo students and called for an end to brutal government repression of peaceful demand.

As well, demonstrators opposed sham terrorist charges against journalists and opposition members , and orchestrated eviction of settled farmers from South and South Western Ethiopia.

Demonstrators also expressed greater discontent with unfair taxation and repression against political opponents.

UDJ has organized similar peaceful demonstrations in Addis Ababa, Gondar and Dessie at different times in the past few months. UDJ is mobilizing in Adama -a town formerly known as Nazereth and has a plan, apparently, to take the peaceful movement further to South, South East and South Western parts of Ethiopia. UDJ movement under the motto “millions voice for freedom” is gaining momentum.

According to sources close the UDJ, the demonstration in Debremarkos was completed without violence from the side of government and the demonstration is said to be successful.

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