Snake prey one of its own?

I happened to read a very short photo essay in the latest issue of Maclean’s magazine. Paul Colangelo’s work is featured.

Normally, I do hate snakes. What captured my attention was the photography. As I read the short essay, I happened to know about the Narcisse Snake Den in Manitoba,Canada. Then, for some reason, I wanted to youtube Narcisse Snake Pits.

Despite my hate for snakes( I can’t imagine how they can be pets,by the way), I found Narcisse snake Den video so fascinating ( click here ).

When I finished watching the video, I happened to see featured and youtube suggested, not my own search, video of a bigger snake. The title reads “Cottonmouth vs Rattlesnake.” I have no idea what kinds of snakes are these.

I noticed that thhe video was posted less than two years ago and has got well over 12,000,000 hits. I was curious and couldn’t resist watching it.

Never imagined to watch something that sounds like “preying one of your own.”

After this video, I hated snakes more. If there is anything else I hate that much, it is probably the deeeply entrenching, potentially devastating, ethnic politics in Ethiopia. It has a beast like side to it.

by Dimetros Birku
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