Sixty migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia sank off the coast of Yemen

(borkena) According to report by RT , 60 migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia are believed to have been drowned in the coast of Yemen last weekend.

Adrain Edwards, UNHCR spokes person, is said to have confirmed that a boat with 60 people including two Yemeni crew sank in the Red Sea area, apparently adjacent to coastal areas of Yemen.

Based on RT report, up to now around 16,500 migrants from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia crossed the sea to arrive in Yemen. The estimate of death toll in 2014 alone is estimated to be 121.

It’s is to be recalled that more than 350 migrants from Eritrea, Somalia and Ghana lost their lives when a boat sank off the coast of Lampedusa, Italy, in October 2013.

A combination of economic hardship, instability and political problems in the Horn of Africa proved to be a strong push factor compelling many to leave behind their country to origin in pursuit of better economic opportunity.

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