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Ethiopia : Newspaper Vendors detained in Addis Ababa

Image source- Source
Image source- Source

(borkena) Publishers and journalists have long been subject to administrative and out right repression in Ethiopia. However, still few publishers strive to exist under the shadow of government and government affiliated print media monopoly.

Publishers from repressed free press reach out readership in Addis Ababa through Newspaper vendors. Vendors help distribute just tens of thousands of copies making so meager profit out it. Although the thirst for different views and information is there, not every reader can afford to pay for a copy of news paper ( probably $0.25 or less). So vendors do rent out weekly newspapers for a couple of hours and still make meager money out of newspaper they couldn’t manage to sell.

However, government is not even even leaving alone newspaper vendors. Yesterday, government securities allegedly detained newspaper vendors in Arat kilo and Amst Kilo vicinities of Addis Ababa – according to report by citizen journalists from Addis Ababa.

The incident does even seem to be deliberate crackdown as vendors were hunted down in parts of Addis Ababa mentioned above.

Unknown number of vendors are reportedly arrested in 2nd police division near Arat Killo area.

By Dimetros Birku
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