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Ethiopian and Somalian forces claim battle victory over Al-Shabab

(borkena) In what is said to be the most intensive and devastating battle ever since engagement against Al-Shabab, Ethiopian and Somalian forces claim victory in a battle at Ato near the Ethiopian and Somalian border, indicates report by RFI. Apparently,the fighting took place on Sunday.

According to the report by Mohamed Sheikh Nor from Mogadishu, at least 74 Al-Shabab fighters are believed to be dead during the battle.

Al-Shabab raided the border town Ato just a week ago leaving more than 40 people dead.

Joint attack by Ethiopian and Somalian forces on Al-Shabab is believed to be a retaliatory measure for the raid in the border town last week.

The fact that Al-Shabab raid took place near the Ethiopian border could, and should, be indeed alarming to authorities in Addis Ababa.

Could the alleged victory meaningfully avert another possible attack on the Ethiopian border? Probably not.

In an effort to deepen intimidation,with the intent to suppress opposition locally, the regime in Ethiopia flexed its tyrannical muscle over the past few weeks – a move which caused death toll comparable to the number of causalities in the war with Al-Shabab. And certainly, the uncalled for repression didn’t make Ethiopia stable.

Generally speaking, perception towards terrorism in Ethiopia seem to be equated with political and legal means to attack peaceful opposition.

Journalist, members of peaceful opposition parties in the country and even bloggers are thrown to jail with the pretext of “terrorism” charges.

On the other hand there is no indication if the over-extended intervention of Ethiopian regime in Somalia is not making Ethiopia vulnerable to possible real terrorist attacks some time in the very near future or in posterity.

In fact, last week the US embassy in Addis Ababa issued safety advisory specifically mentioning possible attack by Al-Shabab. In sum, even if the alleged victory at Ato is true, it is not a guarantee for the safety of Ethiopia. How long the Ethiopian regime would manage to stretch its military power in Somalia is a question no one seem to ask seriously in Ethiopia.



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