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Ethiopia : Switzerland granted Asylum to Hailemedhin Abera

(Borkena)  Hailemedhin Abera, co -pilot who diverted Rome bound Ethiopian Airlines Flight to Switzerland some time in February 2014, is granted asylum in Switzerland, reported ESAT  this afternoon.

Citing Switzerland media sources, the report indicated that Hailemedhin will not be extradited to Ethiopia.

Swiss government has been steadily studying human rights situation in Ethiopia – a sign that Switzerland has clarity about the real issue behind co-pilot’s decision to divert the plane to Switzerland and his desire to never go back to Ethiopia.

It is to be recalled that government of Ethiopia launched unsuccessful diplomatic campaign to extradite co-pilot Hailemedhin to Ethiopia.

Hailemedhin landed Ethiopian passengers plane in Switzerland safely without causing even a serious panic to passengers.

Co-pilot’s  court hearing is expected to start soon.

More News coming.






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