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Backpacking a living GOAT and cycling

( borkena) When I watched a trending video clip from Ethiopia this morning- which supposedly meant to be funny, apparently conventionally, I took it as funny too.

A cyclist backpacking a living GOAT may certainly sound funny.

It’s only when the economics of it crossed my mind that I realized what I perceived to be funny was actually someone’s life.

The goat is likely to be not a company to the cyclist;not a pet -certainly.

The relation between the cyclist and the GOAT is economic. He is either delivering the goat to whoever bought it Or the goat is an asset to be sold at one point.

Backpacking a living goat and cycling does not sound to be convenient thing to do. Yet someone had to do it- and it happened to be funny for us.

But what sounds funny is concealing economic reality and hardship for many in Ethiopia.

by Dimetros Birku

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