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Why Ethiopians are indifferent to Ginbot 20

Yet, even if it is all rosy, it is not an excuse to take away the dignity and freedom of Ethiopians. The investment in infrastructure development is of no value when it comes to the freedom of Ethiopians.

The tendency, even effort, to make “development” appear like a revolutionary enterprise makes no sense if it’s meant to be a cover to maintain a hold on power even at the expense of the lives of innocent Ethiopians.

Apart from serious issues related to democratization process, where does this regime stand if it was to be measured on the basis of loyalty for the cause of Ethiopia? On the basis of corruption? After all how did the military heavy weight in the ruling coalition, TPLF, created wealth for itself and its associates?

Yet, the wealth they squandered does not worry me at all. What worries me most is the generation they corrupted. Perhaps many of us have read about stories of feud even between siblings during the revolutionary years of the 1970’s. But the basis of conflict was perhaps incompatibility between different variants of Marxist Orientations. Now, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of homicide even within a family for reasons related to greed and material.

In addition to hard work to make ethnicity the basis of political loyalty and ideology into itself, the regime worked so hard, by design, to make a considerable section of potentially productive population totally powerless. Many are serving TPLF either for fear of the stick (brutal Iron stick) or because of the need to feed themselves.

Even more worrisome is the potential for irreversible conflict which actually manufactured by omission and commission. Even the infrastructure is of not much meaning if there is no peace. No political forces knows better than TPLF how bridges could be reduced to useless rubles if there is no peace.

Because majority of Ethiopians are indifferent about Ginbot 20, rightly, an intensive propaganda spree became a necessity for the regime to convince Ethiopians that ginbot 20 means something.

Projecting the day as “victory day” or “national day” is even shameful! on what basis it is a victory day? victory for who?? But what is it that the day really changed? Mind you again, GDP, if real, growth is not a substitute for freedom.

By Dimetros Birku

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