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Ethiopia : Sur Construction PLC granted 2.1 billion birr Construction project in Tigrai

(Borkena) Ethiopian Government granted 2.1 billion Birr ,which is well over US$100 million, road construction project to Sur Construction PLc, reported the Amharic edition of Ethiopian Reporter

According to the report, Sur is given a project described as “most difficult road to construct” owing to stony nature and topography of the place where the road is set to be constructed. Construction of 0.62 miles is said to cost about 2 million US dollars.

Apparently, the tar road construction project stretches from Tekezze river to Abi Adi, in Tigrai regional state of Ethiopia, an ethnic constituency of the ruling Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Construction covers a total distance of about 33 miles.

Based on the report by Ethiopian reporter, it appears that Sur Construction PLC was given 39 road projects before this one.

Tower Consulting Engineering is involved in the project to take care of aspects of the project relating to Engineering and consulting.

This week the ruling party was in a celebration mood of what it calls “Victory Day” -a reference to the end of decades of civil war following the fall of Military regime. It seem to be a clear propaganda move by the ruling party to confuse young Ethiopians. The victory day Ethiopians usually celebrate every year is one that marks the end of occupation by Fascist Italy which caused the death of close to one million Ethiopians, among other things.



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