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Ethiopia: MEDREK demonstration successful

Medred Demonstration in Addis Ababa
Medred Demonstration in Addis Ababa

(Borkena) Coalition of Ethiopian opposition held successful demonstration over the weekend in the capital Addis Ababa.

The demonstration was held in opposition to slaughter of peaceful student protesters by government forces. Students were opposing the new Addis Ababa Master Plan.

Demonstrators called for release of political prisoners, freedom, democracy and reform to electoral system.

Ethiopia’s Election Board is often criticized for being under total control of the ruling party. The same critic is pointed to the justice system.

The ruling party has been ruling Ethiopia for 23 years non-stop. With alleged story of Economic growth, repeated massacres by the same government is barely mentioned by apologists of the ruling party and foreigners whose focus seem to be securing investment deals from the regime in Addis Ababa.



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