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Derg Era torturer sentenced to maximum Prison in the US

Credit : The Denver Post
Credit : The Denver Post
(Borkena) 62 Years old -Kefelege Alemu Worku ,one of Derg Era torturer who happened to be in the US,is sentenced to 22 years in Prison – a prison term believed to be Maximum sentence, reported The Denver Post. Apart from crime committed in Ethiopia, Kefelege was apparently involved in immigration fraud too.

He was tried in a US district court in Denver. Judge John Kane is quoted as saying “If any case called for a maximum sentence, it seems to be this one…” The judge is said to have stated that the prison term is a indicates that “the U.S. is not a haven for people committing heinous acts against humanity like Argentina became for Nazis after World War II.” To read full report by The Denver Post, click here



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