Sudan intends to supply Eritrea with electricity from Ethiopia

(Borkena) Sudan intends to supply Eritrea with electricity which is to be generated from mega dam under construction in Ethiopia, reported Energy Business Review this week citing Government of Sudan.

The source added that Sudan could buy up to 100mw of electric power from Ethiopia upon completion of Grand Renaissance Dam and a 45 kms electric power line between Sudan and Eritrea is already under way.

Amharic edition of The Reporter , local news paper published in Ethiopia, reported that Ethiopian government expressed no objection to Sudan’s plan to sell electric power to Eritrea. The government of Sudan has warm relations with both Eritrea and Ethiopia. Had it now been for the unresolved conflict and “no peace- no war” situation between the two countries, Eritrea could have imported electric power directly from Ethiopia – perhaps with less cost.

However, with financial and other uncertainties, and unsubstantiated rumor that construction of the Renaissance Dam is prone to be “temporarily suspended,” the prospect of consuming energy supply from the grand renaissance dam is like pie in the sky.

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