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The Evolving Dynamic of China-Africa Relations, By Chen Jimin

China must make strategic decisions and invest wisely to promote the continued prosperity of the China-Africa relationship.

By Chen Jimin

(The Diplomat) From May 4 to11 this year, China’s Premier Li Keqiang paid official visits to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya, while visiting the African Union headquarters and attending the World Economic Forum on Africa. Both the Chinese head of state and head of government have visited Africa since the new administration was established. This is not only a clear demonstration of Beijing’s commitment to developing ties with Africa; it highlights Africa’s growing international political and economic presence.

China’s rise and Africa’s renaissance have gone hand in hand, creating a historic opportunity for the development of China-Africa relations. However, the international situation remains complex and competition among great powers in Africa has intensified. This brings many internal and external challenges to the China-Africa relationship. Seizing opportunities, meeting challenges, and upgrading ties will continue to be major tasks. China’s strategic choices are critical. Read more…



  1. Ethiopia along with,
    South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria to name some of the countries lately
    to have done business with China
    will all attest to it’s mutually beneficial nature,
    which is in stark contrast to business record of the West.


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