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Locust attack in Addis Ababa

Facebookers from Addis Ababa are reporting that part of the city is hit by locust attack starting about 5 pm local time today.

Some claim that part of  city center surrounding Arat  Kilo – where the parliament and the sate house is located – is experiencing locust invasion. Others include northern outskirts of the city as areas experiencing the locust attack.

At this point in time, Borkena is unable to establish on the extent and intensity of the attack and will report as more information becomes available.

It seem the case that Ethiopian government had received cooperation on pest control from FAO subregional office in Eastern Africa some time in the past. May be the government will mobilize that if the problem turns out to be persistent.

Addis Ababa has never seen locust attacks  in the recent past.

In fact,  there could be a sentiment to relate the locust attack with mythology of change in Ethiopia.




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