Thursday, April 25, 2024
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A Song for Mothers “Guardian Angel” by Leah West

Your mother is a part of you all the time-all your life times-in one way or another. Mothers are extraordinary. As such designating just a day for mothers ( “mothers day”) is merely symbolic and does not stretch far and wide to the concept of motherhood- specially the concept of motherhood as we know it – one that is not devoured by individualism.

If designation of the day is not meant to be for commercial purpose, it could still be tolerable to see folks tweeting and writing a status update only for a day during the calendar year.

In so far as we claim to be rational, we have a duty to rescue familial relation from the pattern of commodification.

I still have to join you guys who seem to be celebrating your mother only today. I’ve picked a song for Mothers day – “Guardian Angel” a song by Leah West with lyrics



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