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Tragic accident in Addis Ababa

Source- Dinq Ethiopia Magazine on facebook
Source- Dinq Ethiopia Magazine on facebook

(Borkena)A tragic accident involving collision of oil tanker truck trailer and a minibus left people dead in Addis Ababa, Gotera neighborhood

According to Minilik Salsawi report on social media, the oil tanker truck was traveling from Gotera to kera when it collided with a mini bus taxi. Apparently, the truck avoided front collision with the minibus , and the minibus collided with the trailer which caused fire.

Some on board the minibus are reportedly burned to death while other sustain serious injuries. Eye witnesses told Menelik Salsawi that people at the scene of the accident did try to rescue those on board the minibus. however, the spill from the trailer caused serious fire thereby making the altruistic rescue mission impossible.

Apparently, the accident has caused collision of other cars in close distance to the scene of the accident.



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