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Bloggers tortured in the infamous Maekelawi

Credit: Menelik Salsawi

(Borkena)Two members of Zone Nine bloggers, Abel Wabella and Befekadu Hailu  ,who appeared in court today for the first time since their arrest over 12 days ago, told the court, through their laywer, that they were tortured in Maekelawi where they are detained. Mahlet Fantahun, female member of Zone Nine bloggers,  appeared in court along with Abel and Befkadu.

Maekelawi is a torture chamber in the Capital Addis Ababa.

Despite the torture, the bloggers were seen calm and collected, according to eye witnesses who were present outside of the court.

Prosecutor requested extra ten days to finalize work related “evidence” collection and analysis. It is more like customary for Ethiopian police to detain citizens for a long period to time with out laying charge and collect evidence while detaining with no bail right. Courts do not have independent power and Judicial activism is virtually a concept nonexistent in Ethiopia.

Mean while, Kiya Kiro , friend and supporter of Zone Nine bloggers who was arbitrarily detained yesterday simply for taking a picture of handcuffed Zone Nine bloggers  in the court area, is said to be released today.

Today’s court proceeding was not entirely closed  as parents of jailed bloggers were allowed into the court room.

By Dimetros Birku






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