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Zone Nine bloggers and journalists adjourned

Zone 9 Bloggers campagn(Borkena) Three members of Zone Nine bloggers and journalists appeared in court in Addis Ababa earlier today. The bloggers are divided into two categories.

Atnaf,Natnael and Zelalem appeared in court while Befkadu, Mahlet and Abel are yet to appear. As well, journalists Asmamaw and Edom made their first appearance in court.

According to reports by sources close to Zone 9 , the bloggers are not yet charged. Prosecutor is said to have requested 10 more days “to translate, analyze and gather more evidence and to detain persons of interest related to the detained bloggers.” The court adjourned the case for May 17,2014.

Today’s court session was closed. Families and friends who were staying outside the court. Unconfirmed report in social media indicates that kiya kikoo, apparently supporter of the bloggers, was beaten by security forces and detained only because he took picture of handcuffed blogger on their way to the court room. The whereabouts of Kiya Kikoo is not yet known.

The bloggers are suspected of “terrorism” charges.

Of course, the bloggers are innocent and didn’t do anything different from those bloggers affiliated with the ruling TPLF except venting out their dissenting voices.

Zone Nine blogger were blogging with the motto “we blog because we care”

Theoretically, blogging is not a constitutional offense in Ethiopia not it is identified as a “terrorist” practice.

By Dimetros Birku



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