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The Master Plan is only an immediate cause

The master plan is only immediate cause

Unmistakably, the new Addis Ababa Master plan is only immediate cause to the recent students’ movement across Universities in Oromigna speaking parts of Ethiopia. I am deliberately using the description Oromigna speaking part! The way major media outlets described the universities in this part of Ethiopia is inaccurate, to say the least. There is no such thing as Oromia university! It speaks of ownership and full fledged de facto state rather than simply a federal part of Ethiopia. Of course the Universities belong to the rest of Ethiopians too as much as they belong to people in Oromigna speaking parts of Ethiopia.

The slogans in the movement were not just about opposition to the Master Plan of the city of Addis Ababa. Bold slogans were shouted that “Oromia” belongs to “Oromos” only. Had these slogans represent a resistance to land grab by Asian and Arab “investors” ( The new forms of conquistadores ) and corrupt and illegal acquisition of land by business people close to the ruling party, the tone and expression would have been different and the movement could have been truly broad based and nationwide.

Unfortunately, the slogans appear to be directed against poor Ethiopians who have been living for decades, even all their lives, in those parts of Ethiopia. And this is justice for the radicals! It is not secret that farmers with small land holdings are being displaced from different parts of Ethiopia including “Oromia” region on the basis of their language background. This too is “just” for the radicals including the ruling TPLF!

In the first place why did the opposition to the Master Plan took an ethnic line? why did it not travel along the contours of economic class rather than ethnic line?

The answer is most definitely related to the project of radicals! The pattern of mobilization they employ combines traditional and modern means spanning from the cyber world to the villages. They have taken their propagation to the ground and in the villages. On the contrary, political activists interested in advocating for pan-Ethiopian agenda, whom the radicals refer to as Unitarian,hardly exist in villages and towns of this part of Ethiopia.

So People are either in the hands of OPDO which is a submissive TPLF servant or within the network of radical group which openly propagates hate against Ethiopia with the pretext of Ethiopia’s feudal past. Why on earth would we hear a call for “Oromia for Oromos only” in a peaceful movement which is supposedly meant to oppose the new Master plan for Addis Ababa? Because the Master Plan is only an immediate cause and much like a cover!

Had the nation wide movement in 2005 , which claimed hundreds of lives, was successful, probably the recent killings would not have happened. The 2005 movement lacked continuity for which the politics of ethnic radicalism has played its own part.

It is imaginable that the radicals are now living a sense of euphoria at a time when a sense of tragedy and sorrow is hanging over Ethiopia. There is this sense of transformation of the radical movement.What they failed to understand, in my opinion, is the role of TPLF repression in transforming their cause. If a truly rational young group of Oromigna speaking Ethiopians emerge with a pan-Ethiopian agenda- with a cause for justice and democracy, it is clear that TPLF and other radical groups will lose ground in no time. Because hate is not as appealing as it appears to be.

Otherwise, I oppose the Master plan not because the land to which the city is planned to expand is a land that belongs to Oromia but because the expansion project has a potential to disposes small land holdings of peasants. The language the peasants speak doesn’t matter to me at all so long as they are Ethiopians. I do not believe that any ethnic group has a right for an irridentist claim of land on the basis of ethnicity. This is wrong!



  1. Let me ask you one quick question, did any one speak out when Oromo’s were insulted in Bahidar, did any one other than Oromo’s came out and speak when the bale forest caught fire, did anyone come out and speak , did any one other that Oromo’s speak out when 300 Oromo’s dismissed from their education, when Oromo’s imprisoned without court order…. What is the problem if Oromo activist speak for the freedom of Oromo ?

  2. Just to repeat Teddy’s comments: Indeed, no one soul apart from Oromo protested against what has been and is happening to the Oromo. Let me tell you, i am one of the most tolerating person- but if the name Ethiopia is to perish – so be it. – so long as the peoples prosper independently. I am sure you know that the ppl of Tigray had the same issues with Ethiopia during derg regime.

  3. Hi Teddy,

    Of course, Many opposed the incident in Bahir Dar. For that matter, it is not yet unambiguously known if Bahir Dar is the making of TPLF.

    I’ve a question for you too : what does “Oromia for Oromos only” means??? what kind of activism is this?

    Let alone a region in a country, even in countries like the UK it is absolutely insane to shout United Kingdom for British only. It’s insane. It’s irrational.

    By the way, if “Oromia” was to be for “Oromos only” who is to tell as to who is an Oromo and who is not an Oromo??

  4. Yeah, we need the hateful belongings from people like you, right? Your empty brain, but full of bigotry, if it will ever comes out of the backwardness and darkness, will one day realize that this planet is equally shared by every human being, including those ones that you despise.

  5. A good piece. This phrase says it all
    “The thing is the ruling party seem to like the sense of ethnic based radicalism in so far as it is not out of control and measured for it is in the interest of the power game of TPLF”

    Ethiopians should brace ourselves for more serious ethnic related problems. Eritreans parents used to tell their children born in Ethiopia that the corn/maize in Eritrea is more delicious than the one in Ethiopia (when they narrative such generalization they forgot that age has nothing to do with our taste for different things). More sinisterly designed narratives has been feed to Ethiopians deliberately in the past decades.

  6. Than you Woy.

    @Hidda – if you want to engage, then you have to observe civility. it’s also in your interest not to waste your energy on abusive languages.

    Coming to your point, 1) which part of the writing “despises” people? can you cite it? If it’s your interpretation, then i can not help it. I do not despise people. I only detest radicals and their agenda to manufacture conflict while pursing the project of “session”

    2) you wrote “…if it will ever comes out of the backwardness and darkness, will one day realize that this planet is equally shared by every human being” fine! how do you reconcile with the call “Oromia for Oromos only”?


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