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Patriots Day commemorated

Source- facebook page of Amelework Tamiru
Source- facebook page of Amelework Tamiru

(Borkena) Patriots Day commemorated is commemorated in Ethiopia. May 5 marks the end of five years of guerrilla war fare by Ethiopian patriots against Fascist Italy.

Forty years after humiliating defeat at the Battle of Adwa, Ultra right forces had to work of a project of vengeance as part of their belligerence which caused WWII.

Italy, in its Fascist form under Mussoloni, invaded Ethiopia the result of which was loss of nearly 1 million people.

Even with the incredible degree of devastation, Ethiopian patriots resolved to fight Italy in a form of guerrilla war. After five years of bitter struggle, The patriots dislodged fascist forces and marched to the capital.

In its five years of occupation, Italy divided the country into five region on the basis of ethnicity – an administrative structure exactly much like what the ruling TPLF party is using.

During the war of resistance against Italy some Ethiopians, who are locally known as banda, fought on the side of Italy and were on Italian payroll.

The grandfather of the late Meles Zenawi is said to have served in Italian administration during the five years of Italian occupation.

Ethiopians commemorate the patriots day every year.



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