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Ethiopian Opposition staged another rally in Addis Ababa

Semayawi party, Ethiopian Opposition, staged another demonstration in Addis Ababa yesterday. The party opposed arbitrary detention of journalists and demo

In an interview with Ethiopian Satellite Television,ESAT, the leadership expressed its contentment with the way the demonstration was conducted. However, the rally was not, organizers told ESAT, without a challenge from government security forces.

At some point security forces were blocking ways and trying to impose detour in an apparent move to deflect demonstrators way from diplomatic spots in the capital. Demonstrators confronted security forces and persisted to march on their planned route which was a success.

Although government mounted intensive intimidation campaign, the turn out was fairly good.

Peaceful demonstration is a constitutional right in Ethiopia. Yet, the ruling party regular infringes on constitutional rights of citizens. Court is not independent and never challenges the executive arm of the government for infringement on constitutional rights of citizens. Unfortunately, it does seem to be the case that Judicial arm of the government has turned out to be a repressive tool for the executives.

In consequence, the concept of rule of law is seeming more like illusion.



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