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Ethiopia : Why are we shocked?

As citizens, we have a duty to stand in guard of freedom of expression and of thought irrespective of whether we like the expressed thoughts or not. If we don’t like the thoughts, there is a way to fight them. You don’t jail people only because they think differently. We hear a lot of rhetoric that TPLF leadership has a strong foundation. But the habit of rattling in fear of a handful of bloggers and journalists tells a different story. TPLF leadership appears to be in a state of unprecedented sense of insecurity.

TPLF members and supporters -especially those who are assigned to work in social media – where, as a matter of fact, large number of politicized Ethiopians are spending much time venting out their concerns and desires for Ethiopia, do have a duty ,if they consider themselves a little more human than TPLF leadership, to question TPLF leadership as to why they have arrested these young bloggers. If there is any crime, they need to produce convincing evidence for their claim.

As well, on what constitutional ground are these bloggers detained incommunicado ? They are already under custody? what on earth is the rationale to traumatize them by way of denying communication with their families and friends? By the way, I did not get why all this happened at a time when US secretary of state, John Kerry, is visiting Ethiopia in a matter of days.

Finally, I can not help to make a remark that TPLF leadership is clearly disoriented and in a state of illusion. More than two decades after experiencing leadership at the level of government, the leadership still sounds irascible and unpredictable. It is not benefiting from thoughts which actually could be a way out from radicalized ethnic politics. It’s now very clear that ethnic politics is poised to consume Ethiopia and all that rhetoric of “development” is nonsense in view of the fact that a political volcano is maturing at alarming rate. As we speak, Oromoigna speaking students are rocking institutions of higher learning with protests. If there are any thinking TPLFites, they should help their paranoid leaders that “I’ll have it all or I break it apart all” attitude is ultimately more dangerous to TPLF than any other entities.

by Dimetros Birku
can be reached on twitter @dimetros
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