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Ethiopia: Bloggers and journalist arrested

Zone Nine Bloggers

(Borkena) Bloggers and journalist arrested in a new wave of TPLF government repression in Ethiopia.

At least six members of Zone Nine bloggers group were detained yesterday in the capital Addis Ababa. Security forces with alleged court order are said to have knocked on the homes of the bloggers only to take them to the torturing chamber in the capital where intelligence officers carry out investigation which usually involve torture. Abel Wabella,Atnaf Berhane, Befekadu Hailu, Mahlet Fantahun, Natenael Feleke and Zelalem Kiberet are active members of the bloggers group zone 9 and were vocal critics of total repression in the country.

The bloggers, and even members of their families, were intimidated by government intelligence people in the past so much so that the group has to suspend blogging.

Just days before their arrest, the group vowed to be back to blogging and engage in their activism and they were looking forward to resume their blogging which they notified to their audience.

As well, Zone nine blog disclosed today that a close friend of the bloggers, Edom Kassaya, is detained.

Journalist Tesfalem Waldyes is another recent victim of renewed repression by TPLF government. he was detained yesterday along with the bloggers. Tesfalem worked for independent newspaper.

This week members of members of the opposition Semayawi party who were distributing flyers in the capital were arrested. Arrest of opposition is very common and not much was said about it.

What is not expected, apparently, was mass arrest of bloggers. The incident left Ethiopians in social media shocked. In fact, the very members and supporters of the ruling TPLF party seem to be shocked about the arrest and they have joined the call for government to release the bloggers.

In fact, this rather sounds like the next move could even be arrest within ruling party itself. what is the fear about on the side of government? Apparently, “color revolution”? If color revolution is something that begets from total repression, yes it can happen in Ethiopia and crackdown on bloggers and journalists might not be of much help.



  1. Be strong and courage the time is ended for woyanes so the do arrest and killed you.We will be the winner and bring democracy for all the people of Ethiopia. Let us finish what we start!


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