aster aweke – and adergen

Aster Aweke

“መች ነበር ከጥንቱ ዘር መርጦ ጎረቤት
በጥንቱ በጧቱ በነማምየ ቤት”

2 Responses to "aster aweke – and adergen"

  1. Nat Turner   May 1, 2014 at 4:52 am

    As a long time fan of Aster
    it is always good to hear her,
    This track here with Mekonen DJ-ing,
    is highly reminiscent of a track the late great
    reggae icon Gregory Issac did with an Algerian woman,
    who’s name I know not.
    Gregory sang in English and she in Arabic.
    This Aster track is brilliant with her soul stirring voice hope it gets a lot of air play,
    Amarsagee nalou


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