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Ethiopia : Defiant Dessie to fight along with UDJ

Photo credit- Finote Netsanet
Photo credit- Finote Netsanet

(Borkena) Defiant Dessie is joining hands with UDJ (Unity For Democracy and Justice) to make mobilization for planned peaceful demonstration in Dessie a success.

News published on UDJ news website, Finote Netsanet, is very clear about the level of government repression in Dessie. Finote Netsanet is also clear that residents in Dessie are defying government intimidation not to be part of the mobilization and rally behind UDJ.

Located in North central Ethiopia, Dessie is home for well over 150,000 residents.

A cross road to northwest, north east and northern Ethiopia and as a town where ethnicity is not an issue in any form, Dessie has always been passionate about Ethiopian Unity and a symbol of ideological resistance to the ideology of ethnic politics of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF government. The town has also been a hallmark of religious tolerance.

In its 22 years of power, the ruling party won “election” is Dessie only once -the last election the result of which was 99.96 % win according to “election board”



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